Compassionate Mind, Compassionate Body

Developing Skills to Overcome Disordered Eating


Are you highly critical of yourself and your body?

Do you use food as a way of coping with stress, anxiety and negative emotions?

Do you blame yourself for your ‘difficulties’ with food?

Do you struggle with overeating or knowing how much food is right for you?

Do you excessively exercise and try to restrict your food intake?

Are you constantly trying to diet and lose weight?


 If you answered, ‘yes’, to any of these questions, Altum Health’s group may be for you…


This exciting group will explore themes of mindfulness and compassion with a view to helping you learn to observe your mind and body without judgement and become more compassionate with yourself. Through the group, you will learn:


• Why the ‘dieting mentality’ puts into motion destructive eating patterns and perpetuates a cycle of self-criticism, fear and anxiety.

• Why the desire to overeat in today’s world is entirely predictable and NOT YOUR FAULT.

• How acceptance and compassion enable more functional and healthy responses to life’s struggles.

• How regular mindfulness practices can actually change the brain so that the parts associated with positive feelings such as compassion, empathy and happiness become stronger.

• How to develop a soothing, kinder and gentler approach to yourself, your body and your mind.


This group will introduce you to guided compassion and mindfulness practices you can take home and integrate into your everyday life. You will receive a CD with each of the experiential exercises done in session to take home in order to continue your practice outside of session.

It will be held on Thursday evenings for 2 hours in Highgate, North London and will run for 8 weeks, beginning on Thursday, 16 April and ending on 9 June. There will be a one week break on 28 May.

We intend to keep the group to no more than 10 people in order to provide an intimate, yet stimulating environment where you can both learn and experience the benefits of mindfulness and compassion based work.

The group will be co-facilitated by Dr. Courtney Raspin & Jacqui Finnigan. Courtney is the Lead Psychologist at Altum Health and has over 14 years’ experience working in eating disorders. Jacqui is one of the senior therapists with Altum Health, and is an experienced practitioner and teacher of compassion and mindfulness based work.

The cost of the 8-week programme will be £350.00, and will cover the eight 2 hour sessions plus all handouts and a CD for you to take home.

If you are interested in joining or would like to know a bit more about the group, please let us know by calling or e-mailing us at anytime.