Our Child & Adolescent Services

Working with children and young people requires specific training and skills.  Altum’s Child & Adolescent Team has expertise in the general mental health (e.g. anxiety, depression) of young people as well as specialist knowledge of treating eating disorders in young people.

The Team

The Child & Adolescent team works together closely and consider this multi-disciplinary approach essential when working with young people and their families.  In this way, they are able to create unified and evidenced based treatment plans informed by NICE guidelines.  The core team members are:

Dr Daphne Tamarin  Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Sylvia Metzer   Systemic Family Therapist

Maureen Sanders  Specialist Adolescent Eating Disorders Dietitian

Helena Cowen  Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

To see detailed profiles of each team member, please click here.

The team sees young people who are experiencing emotional problems that are causing them difficulties in their lives.

Young People with Eating Disorders

The team sees young people who have experienced recent changes in eating habits which may have resulted in or be associated with weight loss/fear of weight gain, a refusal to eat, overeating, and compensatory behaviours such as self-induced vomiting, laxative abuse or excessive exercising. 

What to Expect

An initial assessment may be with some or all of the above team. This can be helpful to obtain different perspectives of the problem and gain an understanding of the nature and severity of it. Based on this initial assessment, a treatment package is then discussed with the family.

Packages of care

A number of different care packages are available following a comprehensive assessment:

1. Possible referral onto other agencies (e.g. NHS/other Specialist services)

2. Short term intervention

3. Long term intervention

Understanding Team Roles

Different team members may have greater involvement at different stages in the treatment package and each have different, yet complementary roles:

The Psychiatrist   will assess the young person’s mental state. She also oversees the package of care and takes medical responsibility for the young person’s health in liaison with their Doctor. She may also prescribe medication as appropriate.

The Family Therapist   will think together with the family about how they can support their child with managing their eating, the effect the re-feeding process can have on family relationships, and how to manage this.

The Dietitian will assess the young person’s nutrition and dietary needs .She will discuss an eating plan which supports normal growth, health and development and provide education around this.

The Psychotherapist  can provided a young person with a separate space to talk and think  about their difficulties and worries. She can help the young person consider how both past problems may have influenced the present, as well as how present experiences can be thought about and  better managed.

During the course of treatment the team regularly meet to discuss patient care and offer regular reviews with families as appropriate.

Should you and/or your family feel you could benefit from meeting with any of our Child& Adolescent team professionals, please contact us at anytime so that we can arrange an appointment.