Coming Home to Your Body: A 6 Week Embodiment Skills Group for Eating Disorder Recovery

​A 6-week, in person, embodiment skills group designed to help those recovering from an eating disorder to develop a more respectful, trusting, and kind relationship with their body, mind, and self. 

This group will support you to discover new ways of feeling at ease in your own skin, especially when you’re experiencing unpleasant emotions and critical thoughts about your body.

Learn practical tools and discover how somatic practices, such as embodied movement, yoga and self-compassion can help you develop a more nurturing and easeful relationship between your body, mind, and self.

About the Embodiment Skills Group


This 6-week embodiment skills group provides additional support to anyone recovering from an eating disorder; whether you’re one of our clients, or getting support elsewhere. 


An eating disorder manifests in the body, as well as the mind. Therefore, it is essential to include body work during the process of eating disorder recovery.


You’ll learn practical tools, and develop your understanding of how somatic practices, such as embodied movement, yoga and self-compassion, can help you build a new relationship with your body and mind. Rather than seeing the body as something to be punished, criticised, or negatively labelled, the group will support you to relate, listen, and connect to your body in a more respectful, trusting, and curious way.  


By learning the skills of embodiment, you’ll discover how you can turn inward, and understand yourself, and use the body as a resource during difficult times. With our help, you’ll discover how your body can be your greatest informant, teacher, guide, and a true home.


Please note – this isn’t group therapy. Rather it’s a body-centred, therapeutic skills group. It will also complement your existing talking therapy if you’re currently seeing a therapist or psychologist.

Who is the embodiment skills group for?


We have created the embodiment skills group especially for people who are in the process of recovery from an eating disorder. You do not have to be being treated by Altum Health, but please ensure that you meet the safety guidelines below. All participants must be over 18.



Dates: 3rd August 2022–7th September 2022 (weekly on Wednesdays)


Times: Wednesday evenings, 6pm – 7.30pm


Location: The training room at our office, 16 Upper Woburn Place, London, WC1H 0AF 


Fee: The fee for this course is £250. 

This includes all six classes, of 90 minutes each. We’ll also provide the additional equipment you’ll need such as blocks, hand sanitiser and guidance for your practice between sessions. 


What to bring: Your own yoga mat, a soft scarf, water, a journal or notebook, and a pen.


What to wear: Soft clothes that you feel comfortable moving in. A pair of socks.


We will provide: Yoga props, wet wipes, hand sanitiser



How to book place in the embodiment skills group


Book your place on our Eventbrite page by clicking any of the ‘book your place’ buttons on this page. The closing date for bookings is Monday 1st August 2022 at 10am. We only have six places available, so please book asap to avoid disappointment.

If you have questions, please email: or contact us on 020 7193 5974 for more information.

About your teachers

This group has been created by Dr Natalie Chua, eating disorder specialist, certified yoga, mindfulness and self-compassion teacher. Natalie will facilitate the group, alongside Lauren Duncan, a junior associate psychologist at Altum Health, who will be assisting her. 

Dr Natalie Chua

Dr Natalie Chua Natalie is a clinical psychologist and a certified yoga, mindfulness and self-compassion teacher, specialising in the treatment of eating disorders, disordered eating, and trauma. She’s committed to helping her clients overcome their difficulties, develop greater self-trust, and live more fulfilling and meaningful lives. She believes that each person holds immense capacity for growth and transformation regardless of the nature of their struggles.

Natalie earned her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University College of London, and her Master of Arts degree in Psychology and Education with a concentration in Spirituality and Mind-Body Practice at Columbia University. 

She’s passionate about sharing somatic practices with her students to help them live more balanced, peaceful, and embodied lives. Natalie truly values every opportunity to share these teachings and learns as much from her students as she teaches. Natalie’s teaching is informed by her daily practice, multiple trainings and studies in eastern and western psychology, and her time in meditation retreat.

Lauren Duncan

Lauren Duncan

Having studied Psychology at undergraduate level at University College London, Lauren is now on the Doctoral Counselling Psychology course at City University, London.

Before starting her doctoral training, she worked for a 24/7 crisis text line service for those struggling with anxiety, stress, low mood, or suicidal thoughts.

Lauren is passionate about mental health and has a particular interest in eating disorders. Her doctoral research thesis seeks to explore the lived experiences of intimate relationships in women with Anorexia Nervosa.

Safety Guidelines:


  • Please note that by taking part in this embodiment skills group you agree that Altum Health Limited is not liable for any injury or harm that you may incur during the classes. You agree to practise only as YOU feel able to, within your body’s abilities and take full responsibility for yourself, your health, your well-being and all of your belongings during the sessions.
  • We have carefully considered ways in which to keep everybody safe in the group. As such, we ask that all participants are in generally good health so that their participation in this group would not unduly destabilise any pre-existent physical/mental health difficulties.
  • Please be advised that should your clinician be concerned with your safety, or that of others in the group (where you do not meet the above requirements), they are obliged to explore this further with you, in line with their duty of care and may ask you to stop attending the group.
  • If you have any concerns regarding our safety guidelines, please contact, and we’ll be more than happy to support you with any queries you have so that you can understand whether this group is right for you at this stage.
  • We encourage body diversity at Altum Health, and we encourage people living in all size bodies (granted they are safe to practise) to join us. However, we cannot ensure that all body sizes will be proportionally represented in all of our groups. Please contact us if you have concerns about this and we will get back to you with more information.
  • The equipment used will be adequately santised. We will also provide hand sanitiser and wipes.

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