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TV Projects

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Print and Online Media Projects

Fabulous Magazine articleIn May 2012, Courtney was quoted in Fabulous Magazine:

Psychologist Dr Courtney Raspin, who specialises in body image, agrees: “For years there’ve been ‘thinspiration’ sites where girls with eating disorders post pictures as they lose weight. “People are obsessed with being thin, but these bloggers show the range of body shapes out there.These women are saying: ‘I’ll wear what I like and I’ll look good because it’s the way I carry it.’ And that’s a great perspective to have.”

Some critics have accused blogs such as Sian’s of normalising and glamorising being overweight, but Dr Raspin disagrees with this view. “At a size 16, you can certainly be healthy,” she says. “We should all be promoting health, rather than thinness.Some girls are naturally slim, while other girls like Georgina, Bethany and Sian are naturally bigger. They show that it’s confidence that’s attractive. As long as you’re healthy, size doesn’t matter.”

Read the article.

Magazine CoverMagazine ArticleCourtney was also quoted in an article on eating disorders in the January 2011 issue of Red Magazine.

“…Eating disorders psychologist Dr Courtney Raspin stresses: ‘Older anorexics and bulimics sometimes can’t quite believe they have a problem – they think they’re just trying to diet a bit and can manage it. They also feel they don’t fit in with threatments for younger patients. They’re often secretive, because these illnesses tend to be associated with younger women and, unfortunately, many in society label these women vain or immature, rather than acknowledging that they’re struggling with significant emotional issues.’”

Online Media Projects

Read Courtney’s contribution to the Telegraph Article: Generation depression: British women are more unhappy than ever.

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