Navneet Sangha

Navneet is a Counselling Psychologist in Training within her final year at City University, London. She is an in-training member of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Following completion of her her undergraduate degree in 2013, Navneet quickly developed her passion for Psychology through her work within an acute mental health ward. Alongside this work, she developed her counselling skills through providing grief counselling to clients within the charitable sector using a person-centred approach.

After her Master’s degree in Psychology, she completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Low Intensity Interventions and subsequently gained experience of implementing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) interventions to treat clients presenting with common mental health problems such as social phobias, health anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder and OCD. Her experience of CBT extends to work within inpatient settings, where she has used adapted models of CBT to help clients with more complex and enduring difficulties such as Psychosis and Bipolar Disorder.

Navneet places the therapeutic relationship at the centre of the work she does. She has a keen interest in attachment theory and often incorporates aspects of this to understand the emotional distress of her clients. In addition to her experience working within person-centred and CBT approaches, Navneet has experience of working within a primary care setting providing individual psychodynamic therapy to people presenting with difficulties in their relationships. A key aspect of this work is using the therapeutic relationship itself to identify repeated patterns of relating that are problematic for the client. Through integrating a relational perspective to therapy, Navneet aims to foster a safe, entrusting and open therapeutic environment for her clients.

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