Carrie is a  Registered Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and a member of the BPS Division of Counselling Psychology.

Carrie worked within an NHS Eating Disorders service for more than 4 years before coming to work exclusively for Altum Health. She is particularly passionate about supporting individuals who are struggling with any aspect of disordered eating and the impact this can have on self-esteem, body image, identity and interpersonal relationships. Carrie completed her DPsych degree in Counselling Psychology at City University during which time she worked with individuals, couples and families of different ages, backgrounds and mental health difficulties. In addition to eating disorders, she has helped support individuals with substance misuse, depression and anxiety, personality disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, and interpersonal difficulties. She is currently in the process of setting up supportive groups for new parents providing up-to-date research on infant brain development and mindfulness techniques.

Carrie was educated at an American School situated in the heart of London, and subsequently completed a BA degree in Psychology at New York University. She spent a year teaching English in Vietnam before completing an MSc in Research Methods in Psychology at UCL whilst also doing Applied Behavioural Analysis with a toddler with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Following the completion of this degree, Carrie worked at the Institute of Psychiatry conducting interviews with families involved in the youth justice system to help analyse how Functional Family Therapy could help aid families in these situations.

Carrie has moved countries regularly during her lifetime, which has provided her with great cultural sensitivity as well as the experience of being both in the minority and majority. This background prompted her interest in her doctoral thesis which explored the experience of moving in childhood and later impact on identity and relationship formation.

Carrie works from an integrative therapeutic perspective and is attentive to each client’s personal goals and needs. She aims to deliver individualised therapeutic approaches to foster her clients’ own sense of agency and increase self-awareness to facilitate change. Carrie has experience working within various modalities including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT-Enhanced, Mindfulness-Based CBT, Humanistic Therapy and Cognitive Analytical Therapy. She has an interest in and draws on Compassionate Focused Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Schema Therapy.


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