Kate is a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and is a Registered Psychologist with the Health Professions Council (HPC). She is also a member of the Association of Family Therapy (AFT).

Kate was born and raised in Hertfordshire. She was fortunate to have the opportunity to study Psychology at A level and went on to get a BSc in Psychology at University of Wales, Swansea. After graduation, Kate combined her desires to both work within psychology and travel by moving to the U.S. and working for 18 months with children who had challenging emotional and behavioural needs. In 2003, she returned to London and began studying at Roehampton University for a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology. Whilst doing her studies, Kate worked for both an NHS and a private eating disorders services. These experiences allowed her to work in a multi-disciplinary team and enabled her to develop her skills and knowledge of working individually and in groups for women with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

Kate chose Counselling Psychology as an opportunity to develop her skills in a range of therapeutic models. She often uses cognitive behavioural principles and integrates others mindfulness and compassion-based approaches into her work. More recently, Kate has begun further training in Systemic Psychotherapy as this model fits with her belief that individuals benefit when their family, close friends or carers are included or given the opportunity to be included in treatment. She enjoys working with individuals, family members and significant people in people’s lives.

In addition to her private work, Kate currently works in an NHS Psychology Service and a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). This involves working with both individuals and families to address a range of mental health difficulties.

On a personal note Kate lives in London with her partner and British Blue Shorthaired cat. In her free time she enjoys gardening and yoga.

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