• Media Coverage

    We are often called upon by the media to share our thoughts on mental health topics. Here’s a selection of the coverage in which we have recently been featured.

Dealing with Covid anxiety over the festive period

Channel 5 News December 15, 2021

We are all used to hearing how Christmas is a time of cheer and joy, but the expectation to be happy means it can be the most anxious time of all for many. Dr Courtney told 5 News why we should not feel pressure to stay jolly all through the season.

How to work from home effectively – 12 expert tips to ensure productivity

Livingetc August 24, 2021

Dr Courtney is featured among 12 experts who share their tips for working from home

Chiselled, ripped and totally miserable: The gym-going men plagued by an eating disorder they don’t realise they have

The Daily Mail July 27, 2021

The number of men being admitted to hospital in England with an eating disorder has more than quadrupled in the last 15 years, Dr Courtney shares her insights on how this is happening.

Naomi Osaka withdraws from French Open: how you can support someone dealing with social anxiety at work

The Independent June 23, 2021

Dr Courtney shares her insight on how social anxiety at work shows up, and what you can do to support someone suffering in this way.

6 stress experts share the best tips they’ve learned

Stylist May 12, 2021

Dr Courtney shares her strategy for handling stress, and how she avoids ‘catastrophizing’.

How to rewire your brain to be more positive post-lockdown, according to the experts

Glamour Magazine April 22, 2021

Dr Courtney explains why our brains are wired to be ‘velcro for the negative’ and ‘teflon for the positive’, and how you can retrain your brain for increased positivity.

4 knock-on effects of a bad night’s sleep and what to do about it

Stylist March 19, 2021

How getting into a pattern of disturbed sleeping can impact your mental health and make you more likely to feel depressed or anxious, and what you can do about it.

Why toxic positivity is the last thing we need amid the pandemic

The Metro February 25, 2021

Dr Courtney explains why avoiding negative feelings can be harmful and how to find a good balance.

‘Deadly illness is thriving’: Demand for leading eating disorder charity triples in pandemic with record high

The Independent February 05, 2021

Why the global pandemic has caused a huge increase in eating disorders.

Women suffering from eating disorders are concerned for their safety during lockdown

Open Access Government January 20, 2021

Coverage of our research into increases in eating disorders during lockdown.

More than quarter of young women have possible eating disorder, major study finds

The Independent December 05, 2020

Coverage of our research into increases in eating disorders during lockdown.

Why ‘The Gift of Therapy’ is a great read for all

The Independent November 22, 2020

Dr Courtney reveals the source of her inspiration.

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