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Transitioning from Child & Adolescent Eating Disorder Services to Adult Eating Disorder Services is known to be a challenging time for both patients and their families. But now, with the social distancing measures in place due to COVID 19, patients and their families are facing increased pressure, at home, under ‘lockdown’. Our clinical practice continues,[…]

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[Read the transcript below] Hi there, it’s Dr. Courtney Raspin here, and it’s Mental Health Awareness Week. This year’s theme is body image, and it couldn’t be more important than now to address this because we know that so many people struggle with body image difficulties. These difficulties are linked with anxiety, depression, eating disorders[…]

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Unhelpful thinking styles are a part of everyone’s thoughts. The technical term for them is Cognitive Distortions, which might also give you a clue as to what they do. Put simply, they distort our thoughts. They’re unhelpful self-statements and judgements. The way that I like to describe them is like wearing a pair of glasses.[…]

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